Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 28 Mar 2020
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Request to add three more points to the section starting "The following issues will be addressed through the policies in this chapter":
- Carbon emissions and the Heathrow judgement
- Reasons behind the low cycling levels in Horsham District
- Building cycling infrastructure as a means of achieving greater social inclusion

See above and below.

Proposed Change Add to the “following issues will be addressed” list:
1. “A further concern of residents is how infrastructure for new development will increase carbon emissions. The recent Heathrow third runway judgement means that infrastructure build in Horsham District must take into account the government's commitments under the Paris Agreement to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

2. Add this paragraph:
“It is recognised that cycling levels are low in the District because the cycle network is extremely limited, disjointed and of poor quality. People are put off principally because of safety/danger concerns – addressing these would lead to a significant rise in cycling levels. This in turn would reduce the need for car travel and so lessen carbon emissions.”

3. Add this paragraph:
“In terms of healthy communities, enabling cycling by building the necessary infrastructure is important as a means of social inclusion - travel by bike is free/cheap so is useful for those on low incomes or without access to a car. For many people with disabilities, using a bike can give increased mobility (as cycling may be easier than walking) and maintain independence.”