Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 29 Mar 2020
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Lack of Infrastructure, Transport and Health facilities

Horsham DC Local Plan wrote.....

"...any new development will need to provide sufficient community facilities, services and infrastructure to meet the needs of new developments need and ensure thriving healthy communities"

"a development of this scale is also likely to significantly increase pressure on existing services and facilities but may not be of such a scale to provide significant upgrades to current services or provide new facilities or road upgrades" ( SiteSA693, 600 homes, Henfield, rejected by HDC) This statement equally applies to Ashington.

Ashington is poorly served by public transport, it cannot be used for commuter purposes. First bus too late, last too early.

Horsham DC Local Plan has no concept of the infrastructure to access the proposed new development areas . Access roads were once cart tracks and cannot be widened.

Many homes in and around the proposed development areas are on Septic tanks so how would sewage capacity be dealt with?

Ashington residents have NO health facilities within the village and need to travel by car at least 5 miles to one of three GP practises each of which are at patient capacity.  

Horsham DC Local Plan proposal is unsustainable and contradicts itself in many areas.

Too much reliance on private cars for every day activities.

Existing services and facilities would be unable to cope with a 63% increase in population.

We would become a High Carbon village which is against the public and Government goals.

Proposed Change Stick with the Ashington Neighbourbood plan. Investigate a new properly designed and thought out village, if necessary, on the South side of the A24. Provide health care, education, employment, leisure facilities and infrastructure.