Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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The general principles are what we would support, except that the presumption of growth of land use for economic and housing doesn't match with the more important principles of environmental quality and climate change or those of preserving the natural environment and district character.
We would suggest that the word growth is removed, especially as the actual land area for the plan is reduced with the creation of the South Downs National Park. A broader principle of intensified land use for economic and housing purposes would be supported.
We would also support HDC using this land for Council house building wherever possible.
Account for the recent Coronavirus pandemic also needs to be reflected in the Economy section as this has caused the greatest financial slump in living memory.
This section also fails to recognise the importance of maintaining the distinct character of the various settlements within the district. One special consideration needs to be the coalescence of Horsham and Crawley. The planned strategic development to the North of Horsham along with that at Kilnwood Vale and the expansion of Durrants Village already compromise the important gap between the two towns. The proposals for developing 10,000 new homes to the West of Ifield and the 1,000 at Kingsfold would mean that the countryside gap between the two towns would be decimated and the coalescence of the two towns inevitable. The plan needs to make more of a reference to the distinct character of these two towns and ensure they are kept separate. It also needs to identify the hamlets and villages between them that would be lost in these developments.

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