Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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use of the word "Growth" is misleading

Again, the use of the word "Growth" is misleading as the available land has actually decreased and this needs to be addressed more specifically. The plan is completely flawed if it assumes that the environment can improve when more land is devoted to the very things that are causing environmental collapse.
The need for a step change in housing growth in the area is not substantiated. The last HDPF was based on a local housing need of around 350 houses per annum for the plan period and for the final plan this had been increased to 900 per annum! At the 900 level it was already unsustainable in the long term, without completely destroying the local environment. Those increases were to account for extra housing provision for Crawley, Brighton, London and other local areas that could not meet their housing need. It seems that those extra numbers are being added in again, without any justification.
The housing market in the Horsham district is already at capacity with the existing allocated sites and developers are struggling to sell the units they are already building. Any increase in the previous HDPF allocation of housing cannot be justified in economic or sustainability grounds and will be disastrous for the environment.
The concept of "Sustainable development" within the NPPF seems fundamentally flawed. At a time of climate emergency especially, any development that leads to a loss of green environment is clearly not sustainable. It will lead to increased pollution and CO2 emissions whilst removing the green infrastructure that helps to deal with that. It is contrary to the policies set out in the government's climate emergency declaration of May 2019.

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