Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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Object on grounds of unsuitability

The Mayfield site is a new settlement and would require the delivery of a range of new infrastructure but the proposal makes no statement about how the essential amenities and transport links will be delivered. The proposed link road to the A23 is an aspiration of the developer but such as strategic major link would not be feasible within the timescale of the development.

The proposal suggests that 7,000 new jobs would be generated. The evaluation notes that the site has been proposed in part to help the unmet housing needs in both the Gatwick Diamond and coastal West Sussex areas. Because this site is not particularly close to either the key employment areas of Crawley and Gatwick or the coastal towns, the proposer’s suggestion that traffic will not be significantly increased is flawed.

The Mayfield site summary recognises that the centre of Cowfold and land around Stonepound Crossroads in Hassocks have been designated as an Air Quality Management Area due to poor air quality. 7000 houses will result in about 15000 more cars and many thousands of delivery vehicles per week. The current Air Quality Management Areas and the villages will be badly affected in the medium term,. The site summary states that these impacts need to be understanding and mitigated but these issues are not resolvable in the medium term until electric vehicles replace traditional vehicles. The potential for adverse impacts on nearby settlements - for instance, retail centres in Henfield or villages and towns in Mid Sussex District – will, the site summary states also need to be explored in more detail. But a firm resolution of such impacts is not part of the proposer’s proposal.

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