Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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Rusper Parish Council STRONGLY OBJECTS to this proposal.

Again the implication that this site is deliverable and viable are misleading. The improvements to the A24 indicated are only around Kingsfold and the issue of the rest of the A24 between Horsham and Capel being a single carriageway are not addressed. This would mean that traffic from this site would be adding to the already significant problems along this stretch of road.
The concept of developing to the east of the railway line is beyond comprehension on any planning grounds and to suggest this, without a major rail crossing, is against all planning policy. Traffic accessing this side of the site would be onto single track country lanes, which could not possibly support the traffic associated with this many houses. It is impossible to see how a development of this size would support the necessary road improvements needed for both the A24 and the country lanes on the Rusper side. Also, part of Friday Street is designated as a “Notable Road and Verge” so development of this road is even less viable.
There is no indication of how secondary education would be managed. Secondary school provision to the west of Horsham is already inadequate and the new school proposed in North Horsham will struggle to meet existing demand.
Given the nature of the infrastructure requirements, added to the problems and cost associated with building on this type of blue clay soil, it is unclear how development in this area could be financially viable, unless Horsham is again going to relinquish CIL requirements and force the infrastructure costs on the existing rate payers.
In addition, given Gatwick's insistence on its need to expand, the potential impact of additional air traffic on noise and air pollution in this area needs to be carefully considered. That, along with the approved incinerator plant right next to this site, means that in terms of air quality this site should not be permitted. This area also fall within SSSI Impact Risk Zone 29316 for infrastructure and air pollution concerns.
The environmental impact has not addressed, with much of this area having ancient hedgerows and an ancient woodland at Old Barn Gill.
All of the area to the east of the railway would fall into Rusper Parish and development in this part of the parish would be contrary to the policies of the Rusper Neighbourhood Plan.

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