Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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Points for Smock Alley Consulation

The site has been dismissed at 2 appeals, one for 21 houses and the other for up to 19 houses, details from appeals as below. Chapter 6 - Smaller Site Options

The greenfield site is outside the built up area boundary.Chapter 6 - Strategic Policy 2: Development Hierarch

The fields and woods behind the site have not been cut or managed for many years thus increasing the biodiversity and important wildlife corridors that cannot be mitigated against (or a 10% net gain as now required). With significant ecological constraints that would cause harm with many protected species, 2 badger sets identified on one half of the field, 7 types of nesting bats, slowworms, and dormice. Chapter 7 -Policy 31 - Strategic Policy: Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity

Amenity and privacy harm to surrounding properties from overlooking, overbearing and effect on living conditions. Chapter 6 - Strategic Policy 34: Development Principles

Scale and mass harm from any new dwellings on land that rises 11 meters. HDC states the site forms a steep slope leading up to an area of woodland that has a TPO – development would isolate the woodland and would create a prominent form of development that would result in significant landscape harm.  Chapter 8 - Policy 28 - Strategic Policy: Countryside Protection

The site is not in a sustainable location, most journeys will be need to be made by car.  The village has an extremely limited bus timetable.  HDC stated the proposed development would, by virtue of its location, have limited accessibility to sustainable modes of transport and access to local services, and residents would have to rely on the private car, it is therefore unsustainable. Chapter 2 - Strategic Policy 42 - Sustainable Transpor


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