Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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Huge objection to building across fields next to Daux Avenue, Billingshurst

As time moves on we are losing our green spaces in Billingshurst and these fields are an area utilised by young and old. They shouldn't be taken away from them.

The wildlife if losing its habitat. Development after development drives wildlife away as we destroy their homes. We have said yes too many developments over the years in Billingshurst and it's time to say no. Find alternative places. We regularly watch a family of Kites circling above the fields and they along with other animals (some of which may be protected) will be driven away. It's horrible for the wildlife but it's also horrible for members of our community who love to see it and also for our children to see it all first hand and learn about it. The children know more than most adults now about us adults needing to be so much more environmentally responsible.

During the wetter weather they were extremely flooded, when further development occurs, where will this water go? The fields and trees work as essential natural barrier at present.

Quiet roads near the development allow families and younger children to play out, together with little worry about traffic. However through roads would ruin this character and assurance we as parents currently have.

I see so many families heading into the fields for walks, as a family, away from screens, enjoying this space. Please don't take this away from them. 


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