Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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Objection on the basis of:
The extent and scale of planned housing constitutes a change to the character of the area, a significant deterioration in the the quality of life of existing residents due to increased congestion, pollution, and pressure on services which have not been expanded to cater for the increase in population.
The lack of sustainability criteria in the numbers, nature and quality of the constructions which makes inadequate provision for climate mitigation and habitat loss.

The current flood of planning applications for developments in the Horsham area combined with recent significant developments in, for example, Southwater and Broadbridge Heath have changed the character of the area. 
Residents have experienced an increase in noise and pollution and disruption to their lives both from construction activity and traffic. The increase in traffic congestion and pressure on services is already significant and is growing. This represents a significant loss of amenity and is not something that the vast majority of residents wanted or would have voted for given an opportunity.

The logic of further development is to meet the demand of economic growth and businessdevelopment - which is thus self- perpetuating and, if followed will lead to accelerating construction, loss of rural environment and further deterioration the quality of lives of residents. I.e. development creates a self perpetuating demand for more development.

The continued growth in population in Horsham District with consequent growth in traffic, energy consumption, and the lack of sustainability criteria in both the numbers and the energy efficiency of the buildings ignores the UK’s commitments under the Paris Accord.


Proposed Change Mobilise the Local Government Association and local MPs to:
Introduce legislation to enable local authorities to set development targets and priorities which would be subject to the endorsement of local voters whose lives are so impacted.
Introduce legislation to set meaningful building standards for new construction which would be rigorously enforced, with respect to both build quality and energy efficiency and which would incentivise the use of brownfield sites over greenfield nd which would ensure that developers paid the true cost of providing all the infrastructure required, both capital cost of infrastructure and operating costs for a period as well as including a proportion of affordable housing, a proportion which was mandatory rather than at the discretion of the developers as appears to be the case currently.