Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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Sites with proposed access to Rectory Lane, Ashington. SHELAA Ref no: SA548 SA131

Ashington is a village with very few facilities, no employment, no healthcare, limited schooling and a very limited public transport link. Most residents are reliant on private cars and most homes have a minimum of 2 vehicles to access work,schools and shops.

The nearest centre for these facilities is Storrington ( already a designated illegal pollution area) and the quickest route is west along Rectory Lane and Park Lane. Over recent years, as well as the addition of 2 new estates already, these roads have suffered large amounts of increased traffic as commuters look for routes to avoid the Washington roundabout, which has become a major bottleneck. Rectory Lane at it's narrowest point is only 10 feet wide and Park Lane 8 feet at it's narrowest, it also has a very sharp, steep and badly cambered corner at Warminghurst Church. There have been a number of accidents and they cannot cope with more traffic movements, which would be dangerous for horse riders, rambler and cyclists, not to mention the motorists, all of whom use these lanes. These are small country lanes never intended for this volume of traffic!

Alternatively if traffic travels east along Rectory Lane into Ashington they are faced with parked cars reducing traffic to one lane  all the way to London Road, traffic dropping off / picking up from the nursery school, children walking to and from the school buses stopping at the end of Rectory Lane. All this combined with the "rat run" traffic mentioned above makes this congested and dangerous!

Ashington Parish Council estimates that 75 new homes will access Rectory Lane from the southern development which translates to, at least, approx.300/400 new traffic movements per day on this very narrow lane. The roads, built many years ago to access the church, were never intended for this volume of traffic and your plans will only endanger the residents and children along them. You cannot keep developing these sights without providing some infrastructure to support them.

As for the proposals for the development on the north side of Rectory Lane, that would be a dereliction your duties!

I have no objections to the development but you must find suitable and safe access


Proposed Change If you can't support them don't build them!