Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036

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Response Date 30 Mar 2020
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Infrastructure is key and needs to come before housing.

Need more road capacity, fewer obstructions on dual carriageways (no new traffic lights, no new roundabouts or new crossings).

Replace the soon to be compromised north Horsham bypass with a new one enclosing the North Horsham expansion.

Needs the proposed Horsham Parkway station with faster trains (Thameslink run near empty due to 1 hr 16 min journey time).

Needs more car parking at existing stations (double deck @ Horsham).

The 98-bus service to Horsham is appallingly slow and drags around back roads. It takes an absurd 30 mins to reach the train station (from my nearest stop). It would be better to halve the number of stops and cut out the back roads, or at least have every other bus operate faster so that it becomes useful for commuters.

Shortening the journey time needs to be the goal, not increasing the number of stops. There needs to be a peak time service that provides fast transport to/from the train station.

An independent Hospital would be an asset to Horsham and also provide employment (given the NHS will not build a new one).

GP ratios are almost the worst in the UK, which HDC needs to address in future developments.

Proposed Change As above.

Cars will remain central to life in Horsham and need to be fully catered for.

Buses that stop everywhere are too slow. Need express routes for example Southwater to Horsham Station should take 15 minutes not 30.

Slow buses only appeal to children and pensioners.

Provide secure cycle parking (close CCTV coverage and preferably manned).

Provide tarmac surfaced separated routes using existing bridleways and also new ones to make use of E-bikes attractive. These are expensive so need ultra-secure cycle parking.

Encourage an independent hospital for Horsham (as they have at Haywards Heath, Guildford and many other towns). These often serve the NHS as well.